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City Water Line CFRP Wrap


A 16 inch domestic water pipe located in a utility tunnel had experienced severe external corrosion problems over several years . The piping is in excess of 1000 feet in length and there are numerous areas of substantial deterioration. The external corrosion appears to be caused by leakage from adjacent pipes/conduits and groundwater intrusion. Over time, this condition resulted in significant wall thinning, compromising the structural integrity of the piping. The Power Plant needed to arrest the corrosion and restore pressure boundary/structural integrity of the piping.


One of the most difficult challenges of this project was performing the required repairs without taking the system out of service. With traditional “remove and replace” pipe repair methods unable to meet this need, CSI and plant engineering determined that Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) that utilizes carbon fibers for strength, provides the best technological alternative to repair this pipe. CSI repaired this piping with “C-Wrap” technology.

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